Who is at the helm of your life?

They have split you into so many roles “mom”, “wife”, “daughter”, “worker”, “single”, “divorced”, “rebel”, “good girl”…

But only if you put all your pieces back together can you truly take back control of your life. 

What if I told you there is a way to transform all of this and make 2023 the year of your Transformation?  

Would you like to become the best version of you?

I assure you that it is possible, do you know why?

Because the way we have been labeled in our past is immutable, it is true, but what is mutable instead is the way you tell and describe yourself, the words you address, the context in which you find yourself and the choices you make TODAY: This is what allows you to become an Aphroditic Woman, one day at a time.  

Who is the Aphroditic Woman?

I'll tell you right away ...

Who is the Aphroditic woman?

  • You are a self confident woman and you are fully realized for who you really are
  • You put yourself and your desires at the center of your daily life and treat yourself with Healthy Self Love
  • You weave and nourish healthy and authentic relationships
  • You have a full, juicy and nourishing Sexuality, you feel beautiful and you playfully express your Sensuality
  • You take action to create the life of your Dreams and Desires
  • You live a sacred life of fulfillment and meaning and in line with your Soul
  • By helping to make the world a better place

Close your eyes, and go back with your mind to the first point, imagine yourself at your maximum potential...

How is it possible to achieve this?

Through the Aphrodite Wheel Method which i developed over the year and I teach

What is the Aphrodite Wheel Method?

Follow me!
If you feel you can give a lot more, do like so many other Women...
What is The Aphrodite Wheel Method?
The Aphrodite Wheel Method draws on the transformative power of Aphrodite Goddess Archetype. As James Hillman, distinguished psychoanalyst and professor at the Universities of Yale, Syracuse, Chicago, Dallas and Zurich -among others- wrote, Aphrodite represents the archetype of the Alchemical Goddess who teaches us to satisfy our fundamental human need to evolve, transform and refine us like jewels.

Living following and practicing the Aphrodite Wheel Method changes your life, because it allows you to regain all the parts of yourself, your power and your self-esteem, which you need to affirm and express yourself into the world.

Working with all the Archetypes you hold within and harmonizing with the cycles of Nature, the daily cicles, but also with the menstrual and life cycles, the Wheel of Aphrodite allows you to harmonize with all parts of youself and with the seasons, acting in optimal and functional way, taking into account the phase you are in with a physical, bodily, emotional and psychological approach.

Do you know who talks about the Wheel of Aphrodite Method?


The Aphrodite Wheel Method I created is a prodigious tool and has even been cited by Oxford University!
(As well as from La Sapienza University, the University of Turin and John Cabot University)
Then trust me if I tell you that Transformation is just a click away!
Here's what people who have already experienced my Aphrodite Wheel Method say:
Taking this path changes your life!
Living following Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality and Sacred Sexuality means combining in perfect Harmony the intellectual, cultural and academic part with the artistic, creative, bodily, sensual, sensory, sexual part in a mixture of Ethical Life.
As you can see, what I'm proposing is not yet another new age course that doesn't help much, but a real, extraordinary, profound and revolutionary change for the better and forever.

I won't even promise you the recipe for happiness, because I don't think anyone really has it and in my years of study, research and teaching I have been able to see how many neuroses the courses that promise eternal happiness produce in people.

Instead, I offer you a real transformation thanks to an Extra-Ordinary journey, which will give you all the tools and skills necessary to face the storms of life, while enjoying adventurous surfing to become the woman you want to be.

What am I talking about?

The Aphroditic Woman Online super course
I have been teaching the Aphrodite Wheel Method for years and with success, as you could read from university awards and from the stories of those who have tried it (and still use it!), but I want you to know that..
Aphroditic Woman!!
is my new and updated course, implemented and perfected thanks to the experience gained over the years and listening to the needs of the many women from all over Italy and from all over the world who asked me for help to me to change their lives, inspired by Aphrodite.

If you are reading this, it means that the ways you have tried so far have not worked, but know that the reason is not that you are wrong, it is not your fault at all!

And do you know why the ways you tried didn't work?

Let's find out together!

Because often these fast recipes for happiness, these short courses that promise you change in a week (or even less!) are scattered information, without method or sense, and do not accompany you in a concrete, practical and real change, because they lack important pieces, for example they don't consider the cultural context of reference (a fundamental thing) and they don't consider the woman as a whole and not even in the various phases she goes through in seasonal and hormonal changes!

This is why my Aphrodite Wheel Method is the answer to your needs and desires to affirm yourself and become an Aphroditic Woman, the best version of yourself, taking into account your starting situation, the context in which you find yourself, seasonal changes , your circadian rhythms and your hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle, with a comprehensive approach that takes into account the anthropological, social, cultural, psychological, physical, emotional, hormonal and spiritual dimensions.
To make this journey, both internal and external, through the various faces of Aphrodite that we all carry within, we will use rituals, some of which you can perform alone, others together with me and the other splendid women along the way.

Rituals have a beneficial effect on the body and psyche of the individual and the community, because they allow our unconscious to align with what we desire and lead us to achieve it and also because, as stated by Shawn Wilson, professor at the University of British Columbia and Socio-Emotional Wellness teacher: "The purpose of ceremonies and rituals is to build stronger relationships or act as a bridge between aspects of the cosmos and ourselves", Practically the realization of our desires of the Soul, while we have precious friendships!

So I'm thrilled to tell you that…

I just opened the subscriptions for Aphroditic Woman!
Thanks to this course you will be able to:
Take back the helm of your life and become the best version of you
• Take the pleasure you deserve from every situation and at every moment
• Be able to cultivate your personal Blossoming and Growth
• Find out who you are and what your authentic Values ​​and Desires are
• Affirm yourself and your life purpose, in alignment with your Soul
• Find the courage and determination to satisfy your Needs and pursue your Dreams and Desires
• Increase your Power to speak, be and act your Inner Truth to achieve the life you desire and deserve
• Feel the care and loving support of a community that wants a beautiful, healthy world, like you do
• Weave valuable relationships with wonderful people who share your values
Living in Harmony and Beauty, inspired by the Aphrodite Goddess Archetype
Feel more sensual in your body and awaken your sexuality
• Connect with the wisdom of your body and follow a healthy lifestyle
• Capturing Mother Nature's messages and taking action by making the best decisions
• Regenerate yourself through Pleasure and Sexuality
• Grow and evolve Spiritually
• Increase your Self-Esteem, Shine and manifest your gifts and talents
• Learn to accept life's challenges as a game and an opportunity
• Turn your wounds into your Pearls
All through a targeted path, run in, tested over the years and implemented to make it:

  • Pleasurable (you will want to do it more and more, because the practices are very enjoyable)
  • Very easy (with video lessons, audio meditations, theoretical handouts, many practical exercises)
  • Clear and simple (because it is divided into steps to make navigation comfortable and easy)
  • Wonderful and intense (because there will also be other extraordinary women with you)
  • Revolutionary (a great inner and outer transformation awaits you that you will already see from the first module, i.e. the first segment of the Wheel, the first season in which I will accompany you)

Aphroditic Woman is not just a set of Practices: it's a path where I lead you by the hand in your Transformation, Empowerment and Personal Blossoming!

How do I access the course?

1) Via the Teachable platform: once you have registered, you will receive an email with an access link and password. And you are in!
2) Via Zoom

Nello specifico troverai:
• video lessons
• audio meditations
• written and printable theoretical handouts
• written and printable seasonal practices
• live Q&A sessions via zoom
What you'll find in “Donna Afroditica”:

• 1 year of video lessons to harmonize with the Archetype of the corresponding season
• 1 year of live Coaching lessons with me + Q&A
• Live final ritual of the Aphroditic Woman
• 8 printable modules with handouts for the 8 seasons of Aphrodite's Wheel
• 8 printable modules with the Practices and Exercises of each season
• Table of correspondences of the Wheel of Aphrodite
• Printable version of the Prayer to Aphrodite
• Video-lesson "The psycho-magical act of calling the Wheel"
• Video-lesson on the Greek Epithets of Aphrodite to activate specific areas of the brain.

• Audio Meditation "Rooting and Centering in the Sea"
• Printable version "Rooting and centering in the Sea"
• How to recover psycho-physical energy and personal power and keep Focus with the Breath of Fire
• 2 graphic versions of the Wheel of Aphrodite, printable, to "map the Archetypes"
8 printable paintings by Susanna Gattuso with the 8 seasonal archetypes of Aphrodite, to work with the archetypes also on an imaginal level
2 printable paintings by Susanna Gattuso of Aphrodite as Great Solar and Lunar Goddess, to work with archetypes also on an imaginal level
• List of recommended texts
Lifetime access to the online course: you can do it at your own pace, when it's more convenient for you, and repeat it whenever you want
• "Aphroditic Woman" certificate at the end of the course

Dates Live Coaching with Maya + Q&A on Zoom the following Monday at italian 1:00 p.m.

  • 20 February
  • 20 March
  • 24 April
  • 19 June
  • 24 July
  • 18 September
  • 23 October
  • 18 December
  • 22 January

With the possibility to:
  • Write your question by email if it should be difficult to participate.
  • Watch the recordings of the Lives, which will be available lifetime.
Dedication Ceremony as Daughter and Son of Aphrodite:
Monday 29 January 2024 at 19:30 on Zoom

Given the quality and quantity of enriching and transformative contents it offers, you may be wondering “Ok, but how much does this course cost?”

The value of this course is 1500€…

But read on, because you won't pay this amount and because there are still many other surprises for you!

In addition to everything you've seen...
I have decided to add many Bonuses to support, encourage and help you overcome any obstacle that stands between you and your desire to Live an Aphroditic Life.
Here are the bonuses:

1. How to Make Decisions and Act Wisely with Ancestors Meditation. Value: €30
2. Change your Mind-Set, awaken your Pleasure and increase your Self-Esteem with the Aphroditic Touch of the Rose Meditation. Value: €30
3. Find Confidence in yourself and in Life with the Video of the Prayer to Aphrodite. Value: €15
4. Recover your psycho-physical energies and your personal power and learn to keep the Focus with the Trataka Practice. Value: 15€
5. Strengthen Your Self-Confidence and Healthy Self-Love with Goddess Mantra. Value: €15
6. Lifetime access to the Facebook group and assistance in the Temple community (with lifetime access to the Cerchio Tempio della Grande Dea group). Value: €50
7. Mentoring and support for an entire year via email and Facebook group. Value: €300
8. Access to 5 Sharing Circles in the group Kepoi Online with the expert Priestesses and Priests trained by Maya. Value: €50
9. Free participation to 8 Seasonal Ceremonies online with Great Goddess Temple. Value: €40
10. How to Live an Aphroditic Life with the Aphroditic Daily Routine. Value: €30
11. Lifetime access to recorded Coaching Live and Q&A. Value: €60

Total Bonuses Value 635€

Now I ask you... are you ready for the super mega Surprise?

Here it is!

This year, only for the first 10 people who register and who are truly determined and motivated to become the best version of themselves, I have decided to open the doors of the Kepoi of Aphrodite!!!

Aphrodite's Kepoi is an exclusive event that will be held in Rome, in the wonderful location of the Temple of the Great Goddess

On 16-17-18 June 2023

During this intensive 3-days meeting you will have the great opportunity to:

- Meet and ask your questions to the expert Priestesses and Priests from all over Italy and from all over the world who have trained over the years with Maya and who have created successful realities over the years
- Learn even more advanced Practices and Exercises for your Spiritual and Personal Growth
- Visit the wonderful site of the Temple of the Great Goddess
- Enjoy as many extra activities as you like with the tools available at the Temple
- Consult the very rich Library of the Temple
- Access the elegant shop of the Temple, where artistic creations of great value are exhibited
- Visit many sacred archaeological sites and ancient Temples of the Goddess In Lazio (Region of Rome) coast and countryside
- Immerse yourself in the sea of ​​the most beautiful and secret beaches of Lazio and carry out many practices in the water under the expert guidance of Maya
- Experience real, intense and profound meaning of feeling supported by authentic relationships and being part of your Soul Family
The value of Aphrodite's Kepoi is 1500 €

But wait! Read on, because the real surprise is coming!

Let's recap:

The value of the course is 1500€
All Bonuses from €635

Raise up the value of the course to €2135
Exclusive participation in the Kepoi of Aphrodite worth €1500

All this makes the actual value of Aphroditic woman €3635


this year I have decided to make my contribution so that 2023 is the year of great change for as many women as possible, for all those who really want to take back their Power, their Self-Esteem, their Joy, their Sexuality, the own Success, own Life…

So I decided to make all this available…

Are you ready?

Shine Now

Reclaim your Power and become whole again!

Aphroditic Woman (Diamond offer) 
1164€ - ( 12 instalments of 97€ )
Only for the first 10 people who sign up!

  • 1 year journey with Maya step by step
  • Video-lessons
  • Printable wards and paintings
  • Live Coaching and Q&A with Maya
  • Support via email and Fb group
  • Access to the lifetime course
  • 12 Bonus worth 635€
  • Participation in the great event of the Kepoi of Aphrodite worth 1500€

For only 1164 € instead of 3635 € divided into installments of 97 €
For those who register by February 28, 2023

This means that you will have access to all this right away

Paying now 97€

Or in a single payment 997€, rather than 1164€
Change your life NOW!!
Aphroditic Woman (Pearl offer)
996€ - ( 12 instalments of 83€ )
  • 1 year journey with Maya step by step
  • Video-lessons
  • Printable wards and paintings
  • Live Coaching and Q&A with Maya
  • Support via email and Fb group
  • Access to the lifetime course
  • 12 Bonuses worth 635€

At only 996€ instead of 2477€ divided into installments of 83€
For those who register by February 28, 2023

This means that you will have access to all this right away

Paying now 83€
Change your life NOW!!
Aphroditic Woman opens enrollments now!
Are you ready to join this wonderful course, which has already changed the lives of many women in Italy and around the world?
Aphroditic Woman is not just a course, it is a path that changes your life for the better and forever and in which I personally accompany you, step by step, hand in hand, to achieve the life you desire and become the best version of you!

If you too want to take back the helm of your life and make your Desires your beautiful Reality, you can Register Now and start your revolution with only €97 and paying in super-facilitated installments!

In addition, by registering now, you will ensure your place among the first 10 people, this means you will be able to participate to the precious, exclusive event of Aphrodite's Kepoi!

What if the sabotaging voice tries to stop you from Transforming into a Jewel?
No fear! Here are the answers you need from the Aphroditic Woman within you, to remind that you deserve the best for yourself!

Frequently asked questions
  • Maya, I really like this course, but what can I do if I can't afford it?
    Aphroditic Woman: "No problem: there is the super discount and the comfortable super-facilitated installments! And then... think about how much you spend on junk courses that don't give you anything in the end, or the money you spend on clothes, bags, shoes, jewels that should make you feel more precious, but which in the end only make you more insecure! With this path your value will no longer be defined by the value of the things you wear, but you will be aware that you ARE a jewel. How much is it worth to become Shining, be self confident and change your relationships, your job, your economic situation, your sexuality, your everyday life, your relationship with your body and your soul for the better and forever? It’s priceless, right? Changing your life has immense value. So €97 a month is the best investment you can make, trust me!”

  • I would love to do it, Maya, but lately I've had a thousand commitments and I don't have time!
    Aphroditic Woman: “Then this course is perfect! It's online, the lessons are video recorded, you can listen to them wherever and whenever you want, at your own pace and rhythm. Even if you can't attend the live Q&A/Coaching Sessions, you can write your questions my mail, receive the answer in the recorded Q&A and review them whenever you want and wherever you want!"
  • I prefer face-to-face courses
    Aphroditic Woman: “That's why I already love this course: there are many moments of sharing in circle and then if it had all been in person, it would have cost a lot! So it's convenient, you can continuously, multiculturally share, even in the online meetings, with with women from all over the world! But above all... there is the mega gathering in presence in June!!! That is a very precious event to grow personally and spiritually, joining with women from all over Italy and the world!”
  • What if it doesn't work?
    Aphroditic Woman: “I've read about all the awards from the best universities, the enthusiastic feedbacks of those who have attended the course and I believe that if you follow the Method, it works! I trust the method and the teacher, who leads you step by step, hand in hand, to live an extraordinary life! The Method a-s you have seen- works, all you have to do is follow it in every step!
  • What if I lose enthusiasm and motivation and quit?
    Aphroditic Woman: “This is why there is the Facebook group, the live sharing circles and Q&A and the big in-person meeting, Aphrodite’s Kepoi in Rome, as well as the constant podcasts and the numerous free contents made available: a constant, precious boost of energy and incredible motivation to continue and become the best version of you!"
Are you ready to take back the helm of your life, to sail towards the realization of your Dreams and Desires and become a Jewel yourself?


I can't wait to guide you on this extraordinary adventure and to see you Shine and Blossom in all the Magnificence that you are!

About me?
Maya Vassallo Di Florio, International Teacher of Spiritual and Personal Growth in collaboration with La Sapienza University and also cited by the University of Turin, John Cabot University and Oxford University. Priestess of Aphrodite and founder of the spiritual, anthropological and archaeo-mythological research center Tempio della Grande Dea (Temple of the Great Goddess). Bestselling writer of “Afrodite Svelata”, researcher, artist. Graduated with honors: in SDC Journalism curriculum, in Publishing and Journalism and in Performing Arts. Specialized in Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality and Sacred Sexuality.
I'll wait for you, if you wish, on the other side of the Veil of the Mysteries of Aphrodite...

Maya Vassallo Di Florio