I want an Aphroditic World of Pleasure, Magic and Sacredness!
Priest-ess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality
Priest-ess of the Sea
Three-year training for women • men • transgender… everyone! 
Imagine a World where Pleasure is sacred and Sexuality is experienced as a Prayer ...
Imagine a reality in which reciprocal and circular Care is practiced, in which relationships are peaceful and people communicate with empathy...

Imagine a society in which Beauty is cultivated, the true one, which amazes, moves and expands the heart ...

Imagine a community of people that you feel like your Soul Family, with whom you can celebrate Ancient Rituals, re-actualised so that they can help us women and men of today to weave the Sacred and nourish the Soul...

Imagine being able to share magical moments and learn how to make Art of your Time ...

Imagine learning the Ars Amandi, the Arts of Love, and the Ancient Practices of Sacred Sexuality, to expand Pleasure, Sensuality and Awareness, living each moment intensely and poetically ...

Imagine becoming able to spread Harmony within you, in your home, everywhere ...

Imagine being part of a wonderful Tribe you can count on, feel safe with and never lonely again ...
Imagine being you, in first person, the protagonist of this change,
By taking back your full Personal Power to Speak, Be and Act your Inner Truth
And Shining your Gifts and Talents in the world,

By participating, with other like-minded people, in creating a wonderful and extraordinary Vision and becoming a worthy Ancestor for the daughters and sons of the future.
Then know that all this is not only possible ...

It existed in a magnificent glorious past, the Golden Age of the Goddess, It has never ceased to exist in many places on Earth (historically documented!) and ...

It is exactly the reality that we have created at the Temple of the Great Goddess of Rome ,
where I teach Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality and the Arts of Sacred Sexuality!
Do you also feel the desire to actively contribute
to the creation of this World?

Do you want to take a path that will change your life forever (for the better!) and that will be positively impactful for other people?
Then know that this is about to begin the Training

Priest-ess of the Sea - Priest-ess of Aphrodite
and Sacred Sexuality ©

The Three-Year Training Path
For women, men, transgender, no-gender... everyone!
All people who wish to live a life full of magic through Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality
and Sacred Sexuality Techniques.

This path has changed the lives of many people of all ages and from all over Italy and the world,
click here to read their feedbacks.

If you want to know more about Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality, listen to the dedicated episode of my podcast Aphrodisia

And today, if you wish, you too can change your life!
Maya Vassallo Di Florio
Maya Vassallo Di Florio is the founder of the Temple of the Great Goddess (Tempio della Grande Dea) in Rome, research center / association / community / sacred place that she created with the intent of manifesting a new culture, educating to a new social paradigm and to the creation of new and more balanced models of existence.

For years she has been collaborating with the La Sapienza University of Rome and is a teacher in study paths dedicated to those who feel the urgent need to recover the matricentric philosophy of care, nourishment, communication and peaceful interaction between people, partnership between women and men, attention to needs, respect for the balance of the planet and all the creatures that inhabit it, centrality of mothers, the elderly, boys and girls within society.

On the 4th of March 2020 she was invited at the La Sapienza University to give a talk about the Temple, the Goddess and the archaic and contemporary Matriarchal Societies, enjoying great and lively interest and obtaining numerous awards for this epic event: it was in fact the first time in history in which these themes have been openly spoken of in the academic environment.

She was also invited by Christian Raimo, councilor for culture from the III Municipality of Rome, to hold a conference on past and present Matriarchies in the Council Chamber.

In addition to La Sapienza University, Maya Vassallo di Florio’s work has aroused much interest at some of the best Universities in Italy and around the world, such as the University of Turin, John Cabot University and Oxford University.

Since 2019 she has also been collaborating with the International Women's House, which recently offered her a space in the structure to be used as a Research Center and a branch office of the Temple.
For several years she has been training Priestesses and Priests of Aphrodite in an intense three-year course of study and offers other philosophical and practical training courses, which include students from all over Italy and the world.

She weaves the project of Re-Activation of the ancient Temples and Sacred Places of the Goddess, with the aim of developing tourism and culture, restoring the dignity and life of those places, also through a dialogue with the directors and managers of the sacred archaeological sites.

In various parts of Italy and the world she holds workshops and conferences concerning Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality and the need to recover a Matriarchal structure in our society.

She is the creator and founder of the Roma Goddess Conference, the first in Italy on the model of that of Glastonbury in the UK, to which the BBC has dedicated several documentaries.
After having achieved with full marks a degree in Communication and Journalism with a thesis on the Belle Epoque and its influence on mass culture, a second degree in Publishing and Journalism with a thesis on Spirituality and the mass media and finally one in Theater and Performing Arts with an experimental thesis entitled Eros and Thanatos in Shakespeare, she perfected the study of Shakespearean acting in the original language, deepening her studies in London with actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company.
As a Priestess she trained at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

Her travels through many Holy Lands such as Cyprus, Glastonbury, India, Thailand and Mexico and her studies with internationally renowned teachers, professors, shamans and priestesses have been a very important part of her training.

She has published a feminist, spiritual, sensual book on Aphrodite, which is among the bestsellers in Italy, and a book on the Temple of the Great Goddess, Feminist Philosophy and Spirituality and Matriarchal Societies (with appendices by the most authoritative researchers, feminist philosophers, university professors and priestesses in the world ), which will be published by the La Sapienza University publishing house.
The fervour of her studies, the sense of urgency for the social and environmental crisis in which we find ourselves, combined with a profound optimism, led her to pioneering the Temple of the Great No-Profit Goddess, the first in Italy, in Rome, over 2000 years after the destruction of all the Temples dedicated to female divinities by the patriarchate.

The Temple is today the most important research center in Italy in the philosophical, anthropological, archaeological and spiritual fields for spreading Goddess Spirituality, Feminist and Matriarchal Philosophy and Spirituality.

The Training Priest-ess of the Sea. Priest-ess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality © is perfect for you if:

  • You want to live a life in which to enjoy the Sacredness and Beauty of every moment
  • You want to find a deep connection with your body and its wisdom
  • You would like to awaken your innate and natural Sensuality and Sensoriality
  • You feel the need to be part of a community that has your same Vision and Values
  • You want to learn to practice Sisterhood / Brotherhood as a political act
  • You wish to live in Cooperation
  • You dream of a world in which there is peaceful interaction between people
  • You want to learn and practice Non-Violent Communication
  • You feel that you want a social structure in which Care is circular and reciprocal
  • You would like to awaken your Power to Speak, Be and Act your Inner Truth
  • You dream of becoming a worthy Ancestor for the daughters and sons of tomorrow
  • You wish to recover the Arts of Magic and Ancient Traditions in your daily life
  • You want to live a path of Devotion and rediscover the meaning of your Life
  • You want to manifest the Vision of an Aphroditic World
  • You are ready for your Empowerment, your Blooming, your Personal Shining and your Success
  • You want a Pleasure-oriented Life
  • You want to experience and fully enjoy a Sacred Sexuality
  • You want to experience stellar, ecstatic, Aphroditic Sex
  • You are ready for your Deep Healing
  • You want to be part of a wonderful Tribe based on the Matriarchal Values ​​of Mutual Care and Cooperation, without ever feeling lonely and confused again
  • You want to do a job that coincides with your Life Mission and do it through an excellent Training, which has been cited by the best world’s Universities
This Training is not
for you if:
• You prefer a new age spirituality
• You expect a fast food of spirituality
• You believe that the world only needs "high vibrations"
• You are attracted to this path because it is fashionable
• You believe in competition, in hierarchy, in the absence of personal responsibility for what happens in the world
• You think that everything can be solved with the magic wand
• You think patriarchy has also brought something good
The path I teach is based on the many years I trained in various spiritual traditions and energy techniques, on my researches of over 12 years on the Great Goddess Aphrodite, culminating in my book just released - after 7 years of writing and perfectioning! -, entitled Aphrodite Unveiled. Introduction to the Mysteries of the Great Goddess, published by Venexia Editrice (one of the best Italian editors in this field) and among the Italian Bestsellers just a few days after its release.

The Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality and the Aphroditic Tradition that I founded, have been the object of esteemed interest, valuable mentions and fruitful collaborations with various Italian and International Universities, such as:

  • La Sapienza University
  • University of Turin
  • John Cabot University
  • Oxford University

What's more, the 4th of March 2020 is an epic date: I was invited to hold a conference at La Sapienza University and, for the first time in Italy, the Goddess Spirituality entered in a university-academic environment!
Taking this path changes your life!
Living following the Aphroditic Philosophy and Spirituality and Sacred Sexuality means combining the intellectual, cultural and academic part in perfect harmony with the artistic, creative, corporeal, sensual, sensorial, sexual part in a mixture of Ecstatic Life.
The Training consists of three years, called "Waves", structured consequentially, so that year after year we learn more and more in-depth Techniques of the Aphroditic Tradition and the student is able to generate, maintain and radiate more and more intensely the aphroditic energies.

During the First Wave one experiences the Solar Wheel of Aphrodite, learns the first techniques of a Priest-ess and experiences, in the body, how the Goddess changes in Space-Time. While re-membering Her in all Her parts, the student goes through a profound process of Transformation, a return to his/her own Integrity, Inner Truth and great Personal Empowerment. At the end of the First Wave, the student dedicates as Aphrodite's Sister / Brother.

During the Second Wave one works with the Lunisolar Wheel of Aphrodite, including the Lunar and Tidal Cycles, deepening the mastery of the Techniques of a Priest-ess such as working with the Elements and Divination with their basic forms, up to to Aeromancy, Geomancy and all the more complex forms of Divination with the landscape. The student practices reading the Shells, the Magic of the Waters and the Sea and learns how to hold seasonal and private Ceremonies such as handfastings, blessingways blessing of babies and name ceremonies, funerals, first blood ceremonies etc. The students also learns the Techniques of Oracular Trance. At the end of the Second Wave he7she dedicates as Priest-ess of the Sea and of the Goddess.

During the Third Wave the student works with all the Wheels, all the cycles. It is the most beautiful, powerful, important and transformative year: a year of devotional practice with Aphrodite, while learning Ancient Sacred Sexuality Practices. It is the year in which the student learns to master the greatest force we have at our disposal: the Sexual Energy. Precisely because it is so powerful, it is taught in the last year of training, since power without wisdom is dangerous. It is a year that expands the heart and sends it into ecstasy together with body and soul.

The incredible culmination of a path of transmutation and rebirth. At the end of the Third Wave he/she dedicates as Priest-ess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality.
The First Wave includes:
  • 12 Q&A group sessions with Maya (once a month and recorded)
  • Participation in Aphrodite's Kepoi*in presence
  • 2 private 30 minutes Mentoring Sessions with Maya
  • 8 seasonal ceremonies (the dates will be communicated shortly and sent by email to the entire International Aphroditic Community)
  • 8 individual sessions with the assigned Tutor Priestess (carefully selected for each student according to character affinities and interests)
  • Assistance on the secret Facebook group
  • Email assistance
  • Printable practices
  • Printable theoretical handouts
  • Lifelong access to Teachable study material
  • 2 printable versions of the Wheel of Aphrodite
  • Printable Aphrodite's Wheel Match Table
  • Aphrodite's Wheel Calling Practice - Video
  • 2 Guided Meditations of Grounding and Centering in the Sea in Short and Long version
  • Video of the Practice of the Breath of Fire
  • Video of Aphrodite's Prayer with associated movements
  • Video of the Goddess Mantra with associated movements
  • One Intensive week in presence in Rome, visiting Tempio della Grande Dea and with a Goddess Tour in all the ancient Temples and Sacred Places around Rome!!!
Aphrodite's Kepoi in the Temple
* Aphrodite's Kepoi

Aphrodite’s Kepoi is the Annual Gathering of all the Priestesses and Priests of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality of all years and from all over the world, even those who have long since completed the path.

It is a unique opportunity to meet, recharge, enrich yourself through workshops, conferences, ceremonies, dances and songs in a circle!

The Q&A sessions will always be on Thursday at Italian 1pm - pm. They will be recorded, so you’ll have the chance to write your questions by email and the answer will be recorded.

Here are the dates of the Q&A sessions for the First Wave 2023/2024

5 October 2023

9 November

14 Dicember

11 January 2024

8 February

14 March

11 April

16 May

6 June

11 July

8 August

12 September

While the Intensive week + Kepoi in Rome from the 17th to the 23th of June 2023 will comprehend:

  • Goddess Tours in the most ancient a sacred Goddess Places of Rome
  • Participation to Aphrodite’s Kepoi
  • Practices in the Temple of the Great Goddess
  • Your Dedication!!!
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I loved Wave 1. I’m a nerdy type that enjoys learning new things. While all three waves are a learning opportunity, there was something about Wave 1 that was special….maybe because I am new to this practice in general. I found something in Wave 1 that filled my heart, soul, and mind, which includes the soul sisters in my circle. In Wave 1, I also found a stillness within myself that really helped in my life, particularly in my professional life. I 100% attribute this to the successes I’ve had professionally over the last 18 months.

And as for you, dear Maya, your willingness to share your vision and grow your temple is an inspiration. You exude purpose, patience, and knowing, which solidifies your authority in what you teach. It provides a strength and confidence in students, which is so integral to the role of educator…and mentor for that matter. Teachers that lack what you demonstrate are pointless and can be downright dangerous in my opinion.
For me this training was life transforming. I really felt the calling deep into my heart and I am so grateful that the Goddess called me and that I trusted her and Maya despite the fears that were rising. I feel a new person now and believe that anything is possible
Meeting Maya ment meeting my destiny. A call that came from lives and lives, an echo from centuries behind. I learned, walking by her side and thanks to her teachings that the body keeps memories in blood and bones, I learned to respect and honor it as a Sacred Temple, a living and breathing altar of love. I learned that only through it we can experience the Divine and that we will not feel and receive its teachings until we reclaim it truly as a living, breathing Temple. I discovered the profound ability to heal myself and others through the body and pleasure. Being a Priestess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality means being a traveller between the worlds, opening the path for others to remember their own truth. This is what Maya taught me, teaching me to walk the path of beauty, guided by the wisdom of the memories and songs of our Ancestors.
This path has already changed the lives of many people from all over Italy and the world, as happened to:
  • Alma Nimue
    Antonella Della Morte
    The training Priest-ess of the Sea, Priest-ess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality© is a wonderful, empowering, intense and decidedly extraordinary and transformative path. Choosing to walk the Path of Aphrodite was the best thing I could do for myself, it changed my life, it has helped me to find myself and blossom again. It was not easy, there were many challenges and moments of crisis and discouragement, but I will never stop thanking myself for not giving up, because now I know who I am and where I am going , I have freed myself from many burdens and now I can dance my life in grace and beauty. Maya is a courageous and determined woman, she has been a wise guide for me, sweet, present and assertive, strong and welcoming. she is always a great example through her words and actions and a source of great inspiration. She is a wonderful teacher and is now a precious Sister. Immersing yourself in the Aphrodite’s Mysteries is not simple, but it's always worth it, indulging in its waves can be really scary, but after a while it becomes orgasmic and ecstatic. 
    Thanks Maya!
  • Claudia Berti
    Dear Maya, thank you very much for guiding me on this extraordinary journey to become a Priestess of Aphrodite. You have given me the opportunity to explore many parts of myself and how these are deeply connected to Nature, therefore to Aphrodite and to the whole Cosmos, which is the Goddess herself. In particular, I loved to deepen the part relating to the relationship with pleasure and sexuality. Treating these topics in profound connection to the Goddess as part of the path has radically changed my way of considering these aspects of my life. Among your many teachings, one that has had the greatest impact on me is that we deserve happiness and pleasure by birthright and not just as a reward after fatigue and pain. You taught me that sexuality must also be lived in the way we prefer, always bearing in mind that it is a sacred moment in which an important exchange of energies and sensations takes place. I love you Maya and I respect you as a person and as a teacher and I strongly recommend this path with you as a source of continuous new ideas and reflection. Thank you, Maya, for always encouraging me in the most difficult moments, believing in me and in my possibilities.
  • Dario Arceri
    Hi Maya, I wanted to tell you how taking the three-year training as a Priest of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality has already changed my life in the name of Pleasure, reclaiming it. Studying your teaching modules and practices of this season make me feel a sense of great emotion for the beauty of the Aphroditic Path that you have created. The beauty of rediscovering the magic and sacredness in every little thing we do, from art crafting, to playing and even magical cooking .... Only one word comes to my mind, WONDERFUL! I am everyday happier and happier to have begun following your footsteps, and I know and feel that the Goddess is truly smiling at me for starting entering into Her Mysteries. All this is thanks to you, for everything you do for us all and for having created such a well-structured cult, complete of sacred, physical and ecstatic practices that work amazingly well. I really admire and respect you very much, and you will always have my support. You are and always will be Aphrodite’s Greatest Priestess of this millennium.
  • Inna
    Prieste-ess of the Sea – Priest-ess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality© is a path that has certainly changed my life. It made me getting rid of old prejudices, led me to know the thousand faces of the Goddess, of nature, of woman, of me! A magical journey that connects with the most ancient and authentic values ​​and that made me discover many beautiful sisters! Thank you, Maya, because you are a wonderful guide and you have tested yourself with us by always maintaining your center, thus supporting us in the most difficult moments! Because taking off the old clothes they have sewn on us can hurt, but how it is amazing to enjoy freedom and love afterwards!!!
  • Morgana Marco Vettorel
    Maya, since I started the journey with Aphrodite, experienced her first practices and rituals that you taught us... I have rediscovered much of the feeling that I had perhaps taken for granted. Pleasure, simplicity, everyday life. Desire, Love and Trust. I'm loving this First Wave, I loved every single practice I do on a daily basis. I feel a great difference, lightness, spontaneity, Love, since I started praying to Aphrodite and remembering her in my life. In addition to the Goddess herself, I must thank you and the Temple, who are the keys and doors of this magical path. I love all of this and I am everyday more and more sure of my choice. I want to become a Priest of Aphrodite, of the Sea and of Sacred Sexuality. The Temple is a special place, well shielded from external energies, it seemed to be in a place suspended between the worlds, without borders, beyond time and space. Maya you are a great guide, a free spirit and a strong believer in the values ​​of the Mother World, a great person who cares for others!
  • Vera Sganga
    The path of Priestess of Aphrodite, of the Sea and of Sacred Sexuality is a journey within ourselves, within our own depths, leading to contacting emotional discomforts and long-hidden wounds. A journey to discover the majesty of the Goddess and her thousand faces, which we can actually found in every gesture of our real and daily life. Learning to ride the waves, enjoying every turn of Aphrodite’s Wheel, every energetic and seasonal change, and doing it in a state of awareness is essential to learn to face all the different moments that life donate us, to rediscover the relationship with the natural elements and with ourselves. During this 3-year journey I experienced intense moments and always, with love, patience, firmness and intelligence, I was guided by Maya, who was an expert teacher, a Sister, a friend and a companion of journey with which I felt safe to share everything I felt and experienced. The circle with which I shared these three years is still today of great support and we created a precious relationship between us as sisters. I am incredibly grateful and honored to have walked Aphrodite’s Path!
Due to the immensity and preciousness of what is offered and the care with which it is offered,
the value of each year of the journey is €3500. But…
I decided to facilitate participation, giving a great chance to really determined and motivated people, so ...

Here are the Super Offers you can choose from:

And there is another surprise!

If you subscribe to the Training, with any of the above options, by the 30th of June, you’ll have a special Bonus:

The Online Course Aphrodite Mystic Rose for Free!!!

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Are you ready to seize this golden opportunity?

If you pay the amount in 12 instalments of 208€ and you sing up by the 30th of June 2023

Are you ready to take this wonderful adventure that will change your life?
Are you ready to live an Ecstatic, Orgasmic, Aphroditic Life?
Then CLICK HERE and get on board the wonderful ship that will take you to the center of yourself with the guide of Aphrodite Euploia, Lady of Good Navigation!

It will be a wonderful, magical, sensual and unforgettable adventure, I promise you!
I am waiting for you, if you wish, on the other side of Aphrodite's Veil of Mysteries ...

Maya Vassallo Di Florio
  • Is the Training open to everyone? 
    Yes, people of all kinds are welcome!
  • Do the three years of the Training have to be consecutive? 
    No, registration takes place year by year and you can choose when to continue according to your needs. 
  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the first year of the Training?
    Yes, you will be awarded a certificate for each successful year. 
  • How can I contribute to the Great Goddess Temple Community? 
    There are many ways to do this! 
    Here are some of them: 
    • participating to our International Online Ceremonies and inviting as many people as possible 
    • sharing and disseminating our events, Temple Blog articles, our videos and posts on social media and our website 
    • by sending us writings, poems and cultural articles, which could become, if you wish, articles of the Temple Blog and posts to be published on our social channels. It is really very important to contribute to the diffusion of a different narration, to enrich, inform, make known a different and possible world and stimulate the peaceful sharing of opinions. We encourage personal expression and are open to ideas and initiatives that can facilitate the blossoming of individuals and the community 
    • by making a Donation, in order to contribute to the support of our beloved Temple. Click here to donate.
  • Are the meetings recorded?
    Yes, the meetings are recorded. 

    • With great attention in protecting the privacy of participating people (therefore yours too) . 
  • What happens if I can't attend the Intensive in person week? 
    The Training has been specially designed and is made up of consecutive phases, each one essential for the purposes of the transformative process. It is very important, given the seriousness of the training and the commitment to serve the Goddess and Her Community, to participate in all the scheduled meetings and to attend the Intensive week with the Dedication.  
    If this is not possible, the student will need to provide valid reasons and the teacher will consider the case. 
  • Is this a psychotherapy path? 
    No, it is not a psychological / psychotherapeutic path or counseling. It is an initiatory Pathway aimed at personal Empowerment and at the service of the Goddess and her Community. A personal Psychological Path is anyhow and always recommended in order to be a better Priest-ess and to be able to help people from a space of centeredness.
  • Is privacy protected? 
    Yes, all participants and the teacher are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information shared within the Circle. 
  • Will I be able to open a Temple dedicated to the Goddess at the end of the Training? 
    Yes, at the end of the three years of the Training you will be able to open and lead a Temple! In this passage it will be important to honour your Roots, mentioning the Temple of the Great Goddess as your “Birth Temple” and Maya as your teacher. To have Maya’s support and that of the Temple of the Great Goddess, it will be sufficient to attune with Maya on shared Goddess Values.
  • At the end of the Training, will I be able to train other Priests and Priestesses of the Goddess? 
    When you complete the three-year course you will have the necessary training to work as a "Priest-ess of the Sea and Priest-ess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality" © through Ceremonies and Individual sessions. This path, however, does NOT enable the training of other people in Aphroditic Tradition, which remains Maya’s task at the Non-Profit Great Goddess Temple. However, you will be able to carry out your own researches on the Goddess of your territory and create your own Training and a dedicated Temple dedicated to that specific Goddess (or Goddesses). 
  • Are there also lunar ceremonies? 
    Of course! At the Temple of the Great Goddess we celebrate seasonal and lunar ceremonies and many more.