The Aphrodite Woman
Fully Embody Luxurious Pleasure and Sacred Sexuality
Step into your royal power as a modern, embodied Queen.
Pleasure is your birthright - are you ready to fully allow it?
Nourish your sensual nature, attract a partner worthy of your gifts, and experience unending joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life.
Women today have just begun to step into their power. However, material success has come at a cost to her essence.

Sound familiar?

When the very nectar of your pleasure and radiance shuts down and dries up when you push your ambitions and please others to get ahead.

My dear beloved, you are not meant to operate like this!

I want to tell you a secret: Your ability to create and manifest is fuelled by your pleasure. Juicy, sensual, erotic, and magnetic pleasure that makes your dreams real as it flows from your daily work into the passionate intimacy of the bedroom.

When you fully embrace your pleasure, your life becomes orgasmic. You attract quality relationships, ecstatic experiences, and a deeper intimacy with all life.

Low self-worth, exhaustion, and shame evaporate as you effortlessly shine as the Queen that already lives within you.

Your life becomes filled with adventure, beauty, luxury, and spiritual depth. This is the essence of Aphrodite and she is here to help you reclaim your feminine power to manifest all your authentic desires!
Reclaim your Feminine Power, Liberate your Sexuality, and Become the Magnetic Queen you were Born to Be!
A potent transformation for conscious, successful women to find greater pleasure and unlock their sexual power through a year-long container with a luxurious, spiritual retreat in Rome - the world’s epicenter for refined culture, beauty, and romance.
The Aphrodite Woman
  • Create a life rooted in spirituality, luxury, and pleasure.

Yes, you can have it all!

  • End the need to work hard and perform and start manifesting through pleasure. Be held and nourished as you authentically express yourself.

  • Unlock your deeper sexual power to create the life you deserve and attract higher-quality relationships.

  • Overcome shame and obstacles around your own sexuality

  • Connect with like-minded sisters and receive direct, personalized support from a 15-year mentoress of sacred sexuality

  • Explore the rich feminine archetype of Aphrodite with a unique combination of academic credibility and embodied experience.

  • Immerse yourself in the cultural splendors of Italy. Eat the finest varieties of Italian cuisine, visit ancient sacred sites, and luxuriate in spa experiences on a week-long retreat in Rome!

  • Conduct special ceremonies in person at the Aphrodite Temple of Rome and empower yourself with ancient, sacred energies practices to create a lasting change in your being.
Ready to Step Fully into your Feminine Royalty?
I discovered the true archetype of the Goddess Aphrodite and how the patriarchy kept her hidden because of the incredible power she represented.

Beautiful, luxurious, sexual, and self-empowered - I learned that she was all of the things that the patriarchy feared.

My work over 15 years has been to walk many spiritual paths and healing traditions. But they have led me back to the simplicity, sensuality, and joy of Aphrodite.

Everything made finally sense when I got to experience the sensuality and joy of Aphrodite.

She is the liberated symbol of orgasmic pleasure that every woman dreams of.

And through working with her, I have been blessed to create a life of style, spirituality, and pleasure. I’ve been blessed to find the most incredibly supportive husband and strike a balance between abundance and feeling deeply nourished.

The path of Aphrodite has allowed me to help hundreds of women overcome painful sexual conditions and transform their relationship with their bodies and sexuality.

The work that I do is deep, nurturing, and comprehensive.

My process is rooted in 15 years of lived experience. My Aphrodite method of work has even appeared in some of the top global Universities, such as Oxford University, John Cabot University, University of Turin and La Sapienza University.

It is so liberating to be a part of a much-needed movement that is starting to get wider recognition in society.

It is my vision to see the world restore its feminine balance. This is how we collectively heal.

That’s why women in today’s world need this sacred medicine more than ever. It is how we heal the wounds of the patriarchy and fully immerse ourselves into a beautiful new social paradigm.

One that embraces true sensual pleasure as a key for individual and collective healing, well-being and wealth.

One that allows us to uncover our deeper life gifts harmoniously to realize and manifest our most authentic dreams and desires.

Yours in love,
Hello, my name is Maya Vasallo Di Florio.
Like many women, I grew up with a confusing and disempowered relationship with my sexuality.

My family was well-intentioned. But also stuck in outdated, traditional Italian conservatism.

However, when I moved to Rome to study journalism and drama, I learned more about my own sexuality and sensuality than I could ever dream of.

What Makes The Aphrodite Woman so Potent...
After spending 15 years deepening my own connection to spirituality and pleasure, I realized that there was something still missing in the world of sacred sexuality.

Many women were exploring tantra or eastern traditions, leaving them feeling disconnected from their own western heritage. On one hand, they could experience delight during retreats or gatherings but had difficulty integrating the wisdom back into their daily lives.

Can you FEEL your soul longing for this transformation?
Not only that, but many women found pleasure in their spiritual practices, yet, still denied themselves the ability to find pleasure in the many facets of daily life - art, culture, fashion, and fine dining.

Therefore, I set out to create a method for modern women who wanted it all. I spent my time crafting this method so that it:

What Other Women say About Aphrodite Woman...
Marzia Giraldo
Artist, Holistic Teacher and Healer
The right word is just SHINING!!! There's a different light around me, inside me, a light that comes from deep inside and that for too long has been hidden, out of fear, prejudice and judging myself until I felt bad and inadequate. Now the light has come out, now I am that light, a guide for myself, first of all, but also for supporting all women in setting themselves free.

Chiara Malvestiti
Soprano, Vocal Coach and Priestess
My sex drive has increased, so has my pursuit of pleasure, beauty and healing in every aspect of my life. It’s fundamental being guided by a professional like Maya, because I can assure you that what will move inside you will be impetuous and highly transformative. I am no longer the same woman who started the journey. Not only physically, cause I am more toned, more in harmony with my body, but above all on an emotional level. I am much more self-confident, I trust who I am, I trust the amazing woman which is me. And I feel more sexual energy and much more pleasure in love making.

By the way, after the Training Chiara also found the love of her life, they had a beautiful baby girl and her carreer successfully exploded!

Federica Zamprogna
Holistic Healer and event organiser
Maya is a splendid woman, with great competence and preparation. I have a lot of admiration for her and her work. She was a very sweet guide, but also firm and strong in the necessary moments, always very welcoming and detached so as to provide objectivity and presence. I have never sensed a judgmental way in her and I believe this is fundamental, but not a given, when working in a circle.
This is a 1-year transformative container because let’s face it - it takes time to fully immerse yourself in rich wisdom, integrate it, and embody it.

Shorter containers may seem appealing to our desire to shift quickly, but they usually give us a quick hit of bliss before fading away over time.

I want you to make a permanent shift and enjoy living in a completely new paradigm of pleasure!

Here’s what our year together will look like:
The Garden is how our first 4 months of the journey together opens. It is about beginning to explore inviting sensuality into each aspect of your life so that you immediately start to activate more pleasure from day one. This creates more energizing life force in your body and amplifies the power of your intuition so that you always have access to your best source of guidance.

Over the course of The Garden, you will deepen your connection with pleasure through the following approach:
Experience the rich sensory delights within perfume, food, sensual touch, and the arts. By learning how to receive more pleasure from these activities you begin to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and create spiritual and ecstatic experiences without needing to change your existing lifestyle. Once you educate the senses properly, your nervous system will trace new pathways of pleasure. Your body and brain will normalize pleasure in everyday life and begin to attract more of it.
Learn about the three different kinds of orgasms possible for a woman and unlock your sexual potential by learning the best practices to increase genital consciousness. This expands sexual pleasure as your ability to have orgasms gets easier and you start to experience the deeply healing energy that they hold.
Reveal which sex style suits you best. Perhaps it’s kinky, sensual, or a little more adventure - either way, we will speak into many of the taboos and bring much-needed clarity around sexuality. By learning your sex style, you’ll communicate better with your partner regarding your preferences and be able to explore in new ways you may have never thought about leading to sex-positive attitude towards sex and ultimately, a better sex life.
Learn about the 5 love languages and empathic/sincere communication by expanding your pleasure vocabulary. By enhancing your communication, you’ll improve the dynamic and ignite intimacy in an existing relationship or be able to attract a partner that is worthy of your love!
When you enter the temple, you are ready to receive a deeper immersion into the art of sacred sexuality.

Your pleasure becomes refined into a potent vehicle for self-transformation.

This is where your pleasure becomes a magnetic force that effortlessly attracts more love, prosperity, and freedom.
Amplify your partner’s pleasure while also increasing yours by learning the ancient arts of yoni/lingam massage and sacred sex rituals. This is how we end performance anxiety in the bedroom and merge bodies and souls to reach spiritual experiences during sex.
Learn how to set stronger intentions and increase your own capacity to receive more. Once you learn to speak the language of life, it will reward you with the gifts you deeply desire.
You will prepare to embrace the inner queen that lives inside each woman by mapping your realm, your desires, and activating the royal codes within! This allows you to shed the guilt, shame, and self-worth issues that hold you back from fully loving yourself. You will be able to set clear boundaries with softness and simply radiate power, wisdom, and love!
Learn potent alchemical secrets to absorb and recirculate orgasmic energy within the body. Sexual energy is our life force and directly responsible for our health, well-being and ability to attract abundance. Become a magnet for the right kind of partner by cultivating an irresistible aura.
In the final 4 months of our journey, you will embody the queen archetype fully.

A queen conducts herself regally, full of pleasure, and chooses her lovers based on those that nourish her on the deepest levels.

This is where you reclaim the temple within you and experience your deepest orgasmic potential!
Learn to explore the wilderness and draw pleasure from nature as you seamless integrate the return to sophistication and art. Develop a naturalness as you harness the organic forces of planet earth and imbue them into the sophistication of modern life.
Here we will cover advanced sexual and sensual practices by activating the potential of cervical orgasms. Learn how to use various pleasure tools such as cervical snakes and anal wands to unlock this orgasmic potential effortlessly. This is when orgasms become a part of everyday life and the neighbours start complaining because your sex life is fully charged. Become a living expression of pleasure and balance your work life and personal life by making each part of your day a seamless expression of pleasure.
Receive the full transmission of Aphrodite’s archetype to empower your uniquely feminine form of leadership. Here you are - embodying the highest expression of personal magnetism, radiating pleasure, and living a life that is fully of your choosing.
...And Finally
The Rome Aphrodite Retreat!
During this 7-day immersion into all that Rome has to offer, you'll be overflowing with
and sensory delights. This is our time together as a community of women to explore the hidden jewels of
Aphrodite's home.
On this next level of
eat-pray-love retreat we will:
You will leave this retreat with a deep embodiment of all of the teachings. It is the celebration of your crowning as a sacred queen who holds herself in emotional mastery, refinement, spiritual
clarity, and radiates her power at will.

This is where we will fully bond as empowered sisters and the women that have been a part of this container will form lasting connections. These connections will strengthen over the years to
come as we all walk the path of radical pleasure together.
Ready to Step Fully into your Feminine Royalty?
This 1-year transformative container is the journey from maiden to queen. It is crafted with meticulous care and detail to ensure that you are fully supported at every step along the way

The container begins on (insert date) and will complete on (insert end date)
When you join, you will receive:
All that you will RECEIVE in the Mentorship
24 pre-recorded videos that you can watch and rewatch whenever you feel called

2 live sessions per month with Maya that focus on deepening our connection, sharing, safety, and personal growth

Telegram group with support at your fingertips. This is your direct line to Maya and the other women where we can exchange voice clips together

A 1-week retreat to Rome full of sacred experiences with your local guide to the land of Aphrodite. Travel as a local with a deep appreciation for luxury, beauty, art, and spiritual growth
The total value of this container is over $30,000. However, I want this space to be available to all women who feel the deep calling to embody pleasure and learn the refined feminine way of Aphrodite.

That’s why I am offering it for a much more accessible price.

When you sign-up before April 15th, you can have it all at a special introductory price of $5,400.
Ready to connect so DEEPLY with sensuality that PLEASURE flows into EVERY part you?
And allows your daily life to become an orgasmic experience of ecstasy?
…To attract a partner that will fully see and receive you so that you can experience the deepest potential of a sacred, sexual union?

…Develop the confidence to state your needs empathically in business and relationships?

…To awaken the queen within you and weave pleasure, luxury, sensuality, and sexuality into the full expression of who you are?

This year-long mentorship is for every woman who feels this calling deep within her soul. Who loves with a big heart, yet, struggles to meet her needs in modern society.
Choose your Path for the Aphrodite Woman
24 pre-recorded videos that you can watch and rewatch whenever you feel called
2 live sessions per month with Maya that focus on deepening our connection, sharing, safety, and personal growth
Telegram group with support at your fingertips. This is your direct line to Maya and the other women where we can exchange voice clips together
A 1-week retreat to Rome full of sacred experiences with your local guide to the land of Aphrodite. Travel as a local with a deep appreciation for luxury, beauty, art, and spiritual growth
VALUE: $30,000

1 Full Payment of $5,400
12 Monthly Payment of $450
Access to my VIP resource library (course on the Rose, grounding and centering in the sea, deeper dive into perfumes, yoni eggs)
My hand-selected exclusive practices that will take you even deeper
12 monthly 1:1 calls with me where you will have personalized time with my to focus on your exact needs
Special pricing and early-access to my teacher training programs
VALUE: $42,000

1 Full Payment of $8,400
12 Monthly Payment of $720

What Other Women say About Aphrodite Woman...
Giulia Giuliani
Artist and poet
The journey with Maya has been profoundly transformative for me. Maya accompanied me - and the other amazing women- with empathy and sweetness, helping me to gently turn my head in the right direction, guiding me and reminding me that the only one who can accomplish that longed-for metamorphosis is me, and no one else; she assisted me in my search for independence, being very careful not to make me dependent on her help, just like real teachers do.

She invited me to look at myself with greater love, through the lens of compassion and understanding, making me even more aware of my femininity and my cycles.

With her, anyone is safe, as her natural gift is to keep space for others and make them aware of what is the right path for them. I advise this Training to all women who want to Empower themselves by awakening their Se&ual Power. It's a great way to invest in yourself.
Anna Bova
Artist, Priestess, Yoga Teacher
Training with Maya has certainly changed my life. It made me getting rid of old prejudices, led me to know the thousand faces of the Goddess, of nature, of woman, of me! It has been a magical journey of connection with the most ancient and authentic values and that made me discover many beautiful sisters!

Thank you, Maya, because you are a wonderful guide and you have tested yourself with us by always maintaining your center, thus supporting us in the most difficult moments!

Because taking off the old clothes society has sewn upon us can be uncomfortable, but how it is amazing to enjoy freedom and love afterwards!!!❤️
Antonella della Morte
Having Maya as a teacher is a wonderful, empowering, intense and decidedly extraordinary and transformative path.

Choosing to walk the Path of Aphrodite was the best thing I could do for myself, it changed my life, it has helped me to find myself and blossom again.

It was not always easy, there were many challenges and moments of crisis and discouragement, but I will never stop thanking myself for not giving up, because now I know who I am and where I am going , I have freed myself from many burdens and now I can dance my life in grace and beauty.

Maya is a courageous and determined woman, she has been a wise guide for me, sweet, present and assertive, strong and welcoming.

She is always a great example through her words and actions and a source of great inspiration.

She is a wonderful teacher and is now a precious Sister. Diving into Aphrodite’s Mysteries is not simple, but it's always worth it, and then it becomes orgasmic and ecstatic.
Thanks Maya!