The Magic of the Waters©

Immerse yourself in the Mysteries of Aphrodite

Knowing how to flow through life events such as Water, which adapt to any situation, have the tenacity to reach the so much desired sea, by crossing even the most inaccessible paths, developing the ability to smooth our own and others' rough edges to transform and turning into jewels, not being stopped by any obstacle, but learning to BE WATER…

It is one of the most ancient and powerful teachings that Priestesses, Witches, Whamans, Wizards, Hermetics and Alchemists include in their basic practices.

Would you like to learn it? Then you are in the right place! I will lead you, in fact, above and below the Waters, in a path which could change your life forever...

On what does it depend?
On how deep you want to go...

I am delighted that you have chosen to immerse yourself in this magical course, where you will be in contact with 7 different types of Water, during which I will provide you with practical tools and techniques to connect with Water, which is one of the manifestations of the Goddess, on this wonderful planet on which we have the immense blessing of living!

This course has also a theoretical part, thanks to which you will understand even more deeply how important is Water inside and outside of us from both physical and magical points of view, but also through the experiential part, thanks to which you will be able to live in your body and on your skin some of the Sacred Practices which I teach to students that from every part of the world wish to immerse themselves in the Mysteries of the Aphroditic Tradition.

The first time, I recommend following the process in its entirety, without jumping from one practice to another, since it has been structured as a path and the progression has its importance in order to fully benefit from it.
Once the process is complete, you can repeat the cycle as many times as you wish (without forgetting to balance yourself also with the other Elements) and / or repeat the practices individually following your feelings.

To get started, I would like to welcome you with this video

And now… Let's dive in!

Aphrodite is known as a predominantly aquatic, or rather, marine Goddess. There are many names which connect Her to the Marine Realm: Anadyomene (Emerged from the Sea), Thalassa, Pontia, Pelagia (Marine), Limenia (Lady of the Ports), Margarete (Pearl), Euploia (Lady of good navigation). In fact, She is the Sea Herself.

For assonance with the Greek (but in reality - according to some researchers - it derives from a much older name), Her name "Aphrodite" has been transliterated to mean “She who has come from the foam of the Sea".
This makes sense whether we consider the Sea that covers the earth's surface, or whether we consider the Cosmic Ocean of Creation and Regeneration.
Her myth, like many others, has been hidden and distorted, but we can say that Aphrodite is the Goddess on which the patriarchy has been most furious, precisely because She has always been called the Great Goddess and the patriarchal culture never loved the idea of the adjective "great" near to the names of women or Goddesses.

Our ancestors had good reason to call Her in that way, in fact She is not just the Earthly Mother, She is the Cosmic Mother, and as we read from the great professor Umberto Pestalozza, Her myth is the one which most of all has kept the original imprint of the ancient idea of the Great Parthenogenetic Mother born from Her own womb and who gives life to all that exists.

As an Element within the Wheel of Aphrodite©, Water is located in the South and corresponds in Summer, which begins on the day of the Summer Solstice, June 21, and ends with Time of the Mother of Abundance, on August 2.

During this period we have a greater chance of being in contact, not only with Physical Waters (unlike the agricultural customs of the past, today this is our holiday period), by experiencing them in a relaxing and playful way, admiring the sparkles, letting them lull us, enjoying the massages and letting them carry away every single blocks and toxins from our body, but we also have the ability to work with the Waters at a much deeper level, by diving into the Abyss, allowing the Bicaudata Mermaid to lead us in the exploration of our unconscious, intuition, magic and our Emotions and Dreams.

Since ancient times and also in the most recent Alchemical and Hermetic traditions, Water, together with Fire, represent Fundamental Elements, whose balance and good functioning (in our body) determine our psychophysical health.
Being aware of them and knowing how to dose them, first of all within us, is the basis of our Ars Vivendi.
“Mens sana in corpore sano”, this principle requires a deep understanding of how the Elements work inside and outside of us.

Of course, when we talk about Water, we are not just talking about exterior Waters. Also, but not only.
Each kind of Water on our wonderful planet has different energies and during this course I will invite you to become aware of how the Energy changes, depending on whether you are near to the Water of a Lake, a River or even Waterfalls, large or small, at Springs,Weels, Geyser, Sea or Ocean, in the rain or in the Fog.
Sometimes these types of Water intersect and it is interesting to notice the energy in those points of conjunction, for example the point where the River meets the Sea or the point where the Waterfall meets the Lake or the Sea: in these places we understand how it can be possible to be several things at the same time. We have the possibility to let our thoughts flow, by expanding them like Water, going beyond dichotomous thinking and training and refining our ability to understand more concepts, more emotions, more ways of being at the same time, exactly as when we notice that we feel deeply happy and deeply sad at the same time. It is wonderful to know that this is possible and that we are able to understand and accept it.

Even at the same Sea, we will notice some differences: the Sea of Greece and its coasts, they are completely different from the North Sea, or the Caribbean Sea for example, and we will perceive a different energy depending on the part of the body of the Goddess on which we are.

Masaru Emoto has shown how the Waters keep memory and for this reason they transmit and are sensitive to the information we give them.

He and many other people have shown how the same Water, divided into two different bowls, crystallizes in harmonious forms if frozen at -4 ° C and in the case in which we address to this Water prayers and thoughts of love, if we attach labels with words like "Love, thank you, I love you, care" on the bowl, if we sing or play for Her, if we enchant this Water with loving songs, formulas or if we transmit pure energy through our hands. The forms of the Water Crystals, in this case, are perfect harmonious geometries, whose view gives peace and well-being.

If the other bowl with the same Water, on the other hand, is subjected to words of hate or anger, screams, and labels that read "I hate you, I kill you, you are ugly", this Water will crystallize in disharmonious and deformed forms.
This makes us understand how important it is for our well-being to surround ourselves with all that nourishes the soul, rather than what malnourishes it.
This applies to the food and the quality of the Water that we introduce into our bodies, it is true for relationships, it applies to objects, to everything around us.
It also makes us understand how much influence we can have with our words, our thoughts and our actions, not only on our body, on our psyche and our emotions, but also on the surrounding world, by leaving us the responsibility for each of our thoughts, words and actions (and, therefore, the power to change things).

Now, I would like to offer you these seven Meditations, which will help you connect with the different types of Water, from the most static to the most lively. But I recommend: don't just imagine it, try to go to each of the place where you can find them to perceive their unique qualities and experience them through all your senses and through a concrete contact, literally immersing yourself in the relationship with each type of Water in Nature!
Water as an initiatory portal
gives access to other Realms...
Are you ready? Let's begin!
On a symbolic, magical and esoteric level, the Mists represent the Veil that separates the Worlds, the ordinary reality from the extra-ordinary one.
The Epiphanies of the divinities, in the mythologies of every place in the world, are often accompanied by the manifestation of this phenomenon and also the oral transmission regarding these is so deeply rooted that there are still stories which talk about the worlds beyond the Veil of the Mists. Exists even a contemporary novel between the historical and the fantasy which is based precisely on the extraordinary Reality that lies beyond this phenomenon: The Mists of Avalon.

The Mists reduce our sight, by forcing us to rely on the other senses, where possible, and they can require even to rely on our own instinct and intuition. Beyond the Mists there is always something extremely interesting. Aphrodite often appears in the Mists, as a magical Epiphany revealing profound Truths, in the presence of which the Soul is forever transformed. It is the Veil that protects the Mysteries so that they remain so, and it is necessary to cross it in order for an initiation to take place.

To be honest, Water, in all its forms, is a Veil, a Threshold, a Portal: being able to pass through it can change ourselves forever, this is a Death and a Rebirth.
The Mists are gaseous water, steam, and also represent Purification: the sauna, the fumigations, etc. are based on this principle. Through steam it is possible to obtain the best from our allied plants and trigger deep healing processes, since Water is a filter, a Purification on the one hand and Nourishment on the other.
Practices with the Mists
Go to a place in nature where you know that the Mists will rise at a certain time and think about:

How do I feel totally immersed in the Mists?
My eyes distort what I see considering that I see very few?
Am I comfortable or am I afraid?
How do my other senses react and organize themselves in order to capture reality?

Keep track of it in your diary.
Search on the Internet to see if near to your home there is someone who leads a Sweat-Lodge: in these structures took place ancient rituals of Death and Rebirth after which a person is no longer the same, and I highly recommend you to try it at least once in your life.
Take note of your feelings, emotions and memories in your diary.
Whether or not you have the opportunity to participate in a Sweat Lodge, do experience of a conscious Turkish Bath: use...
This is just a small part of what you will discover in the online course
The Magic of the Waters
Immerse yourself in the Mysteries of Aphrodite

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