Maya Vassallo Di Florio
The Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome
Do you want to discover all the most sacred and magical Goddess sites in Rome,
living an enriching adventure and unleashing your pleasure?

This amazing Goddexperience is a 7 days Sacred Retreat and Pilgrimage, taking place at the Tempio della Grande Dea (the first modern Goddess Temple in Italy dedicated to Aphrodite) and by the main ancient Goddess sacred sites in the coast and countryside around Rome.
Maya Vassallo Di Florio, Priestess of Aphrodite and founder of the Tempio della Grande Dea, will guide you in the most amazing experiences in the very heart of this enchanted and enchanting city and surroundings, discovering the Goddess’ energy beats strongly underneath many layers of patriarchy, settled here and parasiting Her energy.

Indeed, it is not casual that the Roman empire before and the Catholic church after, they chose this land to settle. But there is a Goddess Temple again, now, to re-awaken Goddess Power!
Goddess energy, in fact, is very strong in this eternal city, whose name, looked in Aphrodite’s Mirror, is Amor, Love.

Aphrodite, in fact, is considered to be the mother of Rome and today She has again a beautiful Temple in the heart of Rome, in Monte Sacro (Sacred Mountain). You’ll have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the peace of this beautiful Sea Womb…

This Roman Goddexperience is defined a “Retreat” and a “Tour”, because we will alternate pilgrimages, cultural moments, relax, meditation and spiritual practices.
Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome
will be a journey within and all around the most beautiful, exclusive and sacred sites of different Goddesses venerated here.
You are in Italy so, of course, it will be an Eat-Pray-Love Experience!

Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome is a sacred and sensuous path that was created to involve:
the whole of your mind
body and soul
and all the 5 Senses
the 4 Elements
and the 7 Chakras
Here is the general Program of the whole 7 days, starting the 14th to the 20th of October

Friday 14th October
Pilgrimage to Bomarzo Sacred Wood + Mythological/Alchemic Journey
Saturday 15th October
Pilgrimage to Nemi, Goddess Diana’s Temple, Museum, Sacred Wood and Lake 
Sunday 16th October
Pilgrimage to Goddess Feronia’s Temple, Museum and Lucus Feroniae
Monday 17th October
Retreat by Tempio della Grande Dea, Relax Meditation, Sound Bath and Dream Incubatio, Aphroditic Tradition Sacred Practices + Sacred Goddess Concert
Tuesday 18th October
Visit of Rome Center: Pilgrimage to Venus Temple and Vesta’s Temple and Vestals House + Free Exploring of Foro Romano + shopping and enjoying the centre of Rome and most famous places, with visit to the best niche perfumeries for an Aphroditic Perfume Tour
Wednesday 19th October
Sea day, Sea Magic Practices, Advanced Healing Practices in/with the Aphrodite Mother Sea 
Thursday 20th October
Relaxing Aphroditic day by ancient historic beautiful Baths
Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome includes:

✅ 4 Pilgrimages to the most beautiful Goddess Sacred Sites
✅ Tickets to museums and sacred sites
✅ Sea Pilgrimage, swim, relax
✅ Transport to and from the Sacred sites
✅ Sea Magic Practices as transmitted in the “Priestess of the Sea - Priestess of Aphrodite” Training
✅ Spiritual Retreat by Tempio della Grande Dea
✅ Relax and Pleasure day by historic Baths/Resort
✅ Enough free time to relax and enjoy Rome by night or afternoon
✅ Involving of 5 senses:
1. Aphroditic perfume tour (the same I include for Aphrodite Priestesses in Training)
2. list of best typical Roman restaurants
3. list of best patisseries close to the hotel
4. contemplation of the beauty of Rome
5. relaxing touch by an historical stunning Baths/ Resort
6. Sound Bath
✅ Transmission of the Sacred Practices of the Aphroditic Tradition
✅ Special 10 % discount on all the online courses offered by Maya in English Language
Goddess Tour/Retreat does not include:
❌ Flights
❌ Hotel
❌ Breakfasts, lunches and dinners
❌ Transport to and from the airport or to and from restaurants

The place where we suggest you to stay is Hotel La Pergola, close to the Tempio della Grande Dea.

In order to make this experience exstatic for you, we need to know:
★ if there are any special physical needs,
★ if you are a group, how many of you would come (in order to organize the Pilgrimages for your best comfort).
Tour Packages
The value of all this beautiful and enriching Goddess Tour/Retreat (GTRR) in Rome and surroundings is 2000€


There are two Special Offerings
among which you can chose!
€ 2000
You can access GTRR with all the amazing things included at 1500€ instead of 2000€

Paying in 3 instalments of 500€ each month
(July, August and September)
If you subscribe by the 1st of August
You will receive as a BONUS
Aphrodite Mystic Rose Online Course
which will be available for you lifetime!
€ 1000
€ 2000
You can access GTRR with all the amazing things included at 1000€
instead of 2000€

With one time payment
by the 1st of August
You will receive as a BONUS
Aphrodite Mystic Rose Online Course
Initiation to the Mermaid’s Mysteries Online Course which will be available for you lifetime!

CLICK HERE to discover Aphrodite Mystic Rose Online Course and HERE to discover Initiation to the Mermaid’s Mysteries Online Course.

This is a unique opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world in an amazing season when it’s not so hot, but the Sea and the weather are still incredibly pleasurable, indeed, they are at their best!

An amazingly enriching spiritual and magical Journey that will change your life, it’s a promise!

Maya Vassallo Di Florio is the Priestess founder of the Tempio della Grande Dea No-Profit, research center / association / community / sacred palce that she created with the intent of acting-culture, educating to a new social paradigm and the creation of new and more balanced models of existence. For years she has been collaborating with the La Sapienza University of Rome and she is involved in education and training as a teacher in study paths dedicated to those who reflect themselves in the urgent need to recover matricentric philosophy of care, nourishment, peaceful communication and interaction between people, partnership between women and men, attention to needs, respect for balance of the planet and of all the creatures that inhabit it, centrality of mothers, the elderly, children and women within the coommunity. On March 4, 2020 she was invited to the University La Sapienza to give a lecture about the Temple, the Goddess and the archaic and contemporary Matriarchal Societies, arousing great and lively interest and obtaining numerous awards for this epic event: it was in fact the first time in history of Itay in which someone has spoken openly about Goddess in the academic environment. She was also invited by Christian Raimo, councelor for culture from the III Municipality of Rome, to hold, in the Council Room, a conference on Matriarchies of past and present. However, due to Covid, the conference was postponed to safer times. The interest of the cultural and political world and the official declaration of such conference, however, they represented another event of extraordinary importance. In addition to La Sapienza, the work of Maya Vassallo Di Florio has received a lot of interest in various universities in Italy and abroad, such as the University of Turin, the John Cabot University and Oxford University. Since 2019 she has also been collaborating with the International Women’s House, who recently offered her a space in the structure to be used as a Research Center and detached office of the Temple. For several years she has been training (and still does, in Italian and English language, with students from all over the world) Priestesses and Priests of Aphrodite in an intense three-year course of study and offers other philosophical and practical training courses, attended by students from all over Italy e the world. She weaves the “Re-Activation of the Ancient Goddess Temples and Sacred Places” Project, with the aim of enhancing them touristically and culturally, restoring their dignity and life also through a dialogue with the directors of archaeological sacred sites. She holds -in various parts of Italy and the world- workshops and conferences concerning Feminist Philosophy and Spirituality, talking about the need to recover a Matriarchal structure in our society. She is the creator and founder of the Rome Goddess Conference, the first in Italy on the model of that of Glastonbury in UK.

Her travels through many Holy Lands such as Cyprus, Glastonbury, India, Thailand and Mexico and her studies with internationally renowned teachers constituted a very important part in her traiining. Maya is the author of a spiritual and feminist book on Aphrodite, published by Venexia Editing House, and a book about the Tempio della Grande Dea, Feminist Philosophy and Spirituality and the Matriarchal Societies (with essays written by the most authoritative researchers, feminist philosophers, professors and priestesses of the world), which will be published by La Sapienza University publishing house.

Fb: Maya Vassallo Di Florio

Fb: Temple of the Grande Dea

So… are you ready to discover Roma-Amor and nearby most exquisite Goddess Sacred Sites?

Are you ready to delight yourself in an ecstatic dance

of the 5 Senses?

Ready for delicious food and joyful, pleasurable moments?

Ready to pamper yourself and discover la Dolce Vita from an Aphroditic perspective?

Then Welcome to Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome!

It will change your live forever and you’ll treasure this experience!

With Love and Blessings,

Maya Vassallo Di Florio