Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome Terms & Conditions


Vassallo Giovanna (aka Maya Vassallo Di Florio, the facilitator) living in Via Val di Lanzo 144 00141 Rome e-mail mayavassallodiflorio@gmail.com proposes empowerment courses for spiritual and personal growth including Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome.

The purpose of this document is to clarify the details of the Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome by Maya Vassallo Di Florio and the relationship with the participant, their respective roles as well as how the communication will take place, in such a way as to make the experience for the Participant as positive, enriching and valuable as possible.

Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome by Maya Vassallo Di Florio is an in person tour/retreat of awareness, enrichment, personal growth and expansion, as well as a spiritual and archeomithological journey for those who wish to discover Rome, the eternal city, and surroundings from a Goddess perspective.

Anyone who chooses to undertake this path takes the responsibility of recognizing and healing their wounds and not projecting them onto the facilitator and / or other Participants.

The service offered is not counseling or individual and / or group psychological therapy. Being very intense, it is common for old wounds and unresolved patterns to emerge. In the event that it is difficult to overcome such blocks, it will be possible to ask for Maya’s Mediation.

During the entire tour/retreat, the Participant will keep in mind that the facilitator is a Priestess, not a tourist guide nor an academic, and she will make her knowledge and experience available, and will support the Participant in this journey in an honest and transparent way.

The Participant is aware that he/her is responsible for carrying out the actions that will determine the success of the experience. Consequently, the Participant undertakes to do what will be necessary to obtain the desired results and is aware that the latter will depend mainly on herself.

The Participant is invited to:

Show up on time everyday, or inform the administration at mayavassallodiflorio@gmail.com if unable to attend;
Be aware that the costs are not refundable in any case, unless the participant cancels the booking at least 30 days before the beginning of the Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome or for serious reasons that will be verified.
Make a serious commitment by giving the best of herself/himself, with the awareness that there may be natural ups and downs, or that normal resistances or internal blocks may emerge during this life changing journey and visit to such powerful and ancient places full of Memories;
Carry out carefully the practices and activities suggested by the teacher;
Communicate clearly physical or emotional difficulties or needs;
Respect the facilitator and the other patecipants;
The Participant also undertakes to communicate sincerely and openly with the teacher and with the other participants of the course, in full awareness that the information provided will be treated confidentially.


Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome is an in person 7 days Journey in Rome and nearby Goddess Sacred Sites and moments of Retreat by Tempio della Grannde Dea dedicated to English speaking groups.

Goddess Tour/Retreat Rome includes:
- 4 Pilgrimages to the most beautiful Goddess Sacred Sites
- Tickets to museums and sacred sites
- Sea Pilgrimage, swim, relax
- Transport to and from the Sacred sites
- Sea Magic Practices as transmitted in the “Priestess of the Sea - Priestess of Aphrodite” Training
- Spiritual Retreat by Tempio della Grande Dea
- Relax and Pleasure day by historic Baths/Resort
- Enough free time to relax and enjoy Rome by night or afternoon
- Involving of 5 senses:
1. Aphroditic perfume tour (the same I include for Aphrodite Priestesses in Training)
2. list of best typical Roman restaurants
3. list of best patisseries close to the hotel
4. contemplation of the beauty of Rome
5. relaxing touch by an historical stunning Baths/ Resort
6. Sound Bath
- Transmission of the Sacred Practices of the Aphroditic Tradition
- Special 10 % discount on all the online courses offered by Maya in English Language

Goddess Tour/Retreat does not include:
x Flights
x Hotel
x Breakfasts, lunches and dinners
x Transport to and from the airport or to and from restaurants


A BONUS, Aphrodite Mystic Rose Online Course, for those who subscribe and pay in 3 instalments by the 1st of August.
Two BONUSES, Aphrodite Mystic Rose Online Course and Initiation to the Mermaid’s Mysteries Online Course, for those who chose the one time payment by the 1st of August.