Discover which Aphrodisiac Archetype represents you best and how to make intimacy even more intense.

Did you know that when women are fully sexually satisfied and experience pleasure in a way:

  • Juicy,
  • intense,
  • nourishing
  • and deep...

Does this positively reflect in every other aspect of our lives?

Increasing incredibly:
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-love
  • Confidence in her body and her ability to be healthy and vibrant with pleasure
  • Health of her Yoni and whole body
  • Happiness
  • Well-being and genuine complicity in the couple
  • Sense of union and connection with the Cosmos
  • Sense of fullness and satisfaction
  • Success in relationships and work

When we are not sexually satisfied, on the other hand, all other aspects seem to plummet dramatically.

Thus begins a vicious circle that worsens over time, and life seems to unravel, everything appearing grey.

Have you ever experienced the phase where every excuse becomes a reason to avoid making love?

  • The flu,
  • headaches,
  • extra pounds,
  • fatigue

  • and work stress
  • the candida,
  • cystitis...

All real things, certainly, but which are both a symptom and cause of a sexual and relational life that doesn't satisfy you.

But there is a voice inside you.

Maybe it's faint and distant, but it's there.

And it tells you that you too deserve pleasure, that there is much more, and that you could discover it if you only knew how.

I want to reveal it to you, follow me...
Vital Energy and Sexual Energy are closely connected, and when one is skyrocketing,
so is the other.

If you become capable of releasing all the wild Pleasure that can flow through your body, I guarantee that all other aspects of your life will work much, much better too.

Start with a simple step: take the test, find out how you like to have sex and I'll tell you how to unleash your potential based on the profile that emerges from your answers.

This test is dedicated to women, because Aphrodite contains within herself the different Archetypes and the different types of women and, therefore, the different ways in which we enjoy sex.